What to pack for a yoga retreat in the heat in Modest Morocco…

I recently ventured to Morocco for an Ashtanga yoga retreat. I was looking online about what to pack for a retreat and also what to wear in Morocco, I decided to write my own blog about it. I wanted to look good but also be dressed very modestly. I have put a list of a few things together that might help you if you are looking to pack for a retreat.

Disclaimer : I am from Ireland, so anything over 20 degrees is deemed HOT in my books!!! 🙂 🙂 


 Seen above is myself and Rosie upside down against the Riad wall in Morocco. I shouldn’t have worn my little Tommy Hilfigers White tennis shoes though… They aren’t cut out for the Market Mush 🙂 I sound like a prude!

For the plane: Leaving Ireland the weather was sunny with random outbursts of torrential rain and hailstones, so I wore black jeans, a black 3/4 length top, light denim shirt and a colorful silk scarf, a North Face jacket and really comfortable sensible walking shoes. Scarves are your best friend in Morocco, you can use them to cover your shoulders, hair, boobies and then mess around with them knotting them in different orientations to make clothes and cover-ups at the beach etc. You can wear these home again as they are generally more bulky like the hiking shoes.

Day to Day: Light jeans and Linen Shirts were perfect on the day-to-day. I wore these going to Locals Markets!! Zara can be a great place to pick up some nice light wear jeans. The weather was between 20-25 degrees when we were there. In the Summer it can get up to between 40-45 degrees… Linen trousers and maxi skirts all worn with camisole tops and a scarf which can be used to cover yourself up when necessary. Leggings with long t-shirts are handy too or light dresses that are lose fitting. If you are going out at night these can all be dressed up with some jewelry that you buy at the local souk and some nice sandals 🙂 Don’t over pack, clothes are incredibly cheap in the markets too, you can get dresses and tunics to suit all shapes and sizes for a very reasonable price.

Yoga: 4-5 pairs of Leggings, 4-5 Tank Tops, 2 sports bras (one on the go and one drip drying in the bathroom). A warm Jacket/Hoodie is essential for Savanasa. Warm cosy socks are a must. We learned that on a yoga retreat it is totally acceptable to wear Birkenstock sandals with fluffy socks 🙂 You might need to bring your yoga mat, blocks, straps etc… so ask your provider what you need to bring with you. Of course you will need enough thunderpants to keep you going too 🙂


Shoes: Sensible walking shoes/boots (I wore mine on the plane to and from Morocco), Flip-Flops (Birkenstock sandals were very popular among our group), Sandals (Maybe slightly fancy-a bit of sparkle, not high).

General Toiletries : Shower Gel, Sun cream, After-sun/body moisturiser, Shampoo and Conditioner. I wear makeup everyday, I didn’t wear makeup while I was away, so don’t bother with a full makeup bag when on a yoga retreat bring a few essentials Lip Balm (Carmex), Mascara, Tinted Moisturiser, Highlighter (MAC soft and gentle is so good). It was so refreshing not wearing any. Ear plugs, you could be sharing a room with a few other people.

Accessories: A Hat (I got sunstroke after a day of surfing, just be so careful in the sun. NOTE: I lived in heat of up to 42 Degrees for years so I was used to sun!) A towel for the beach. A carrier bag for day trips and the beach. A bikini or swim suit.

Books and a Diary: You get a bit of alone time to reflect so writing a diary and keeping notes of thoughts and feelings is really good. Books can be great too especially yoga related… A good one I am reading and addicted to at the moment is ‘Eastern Body, Western Mind’, That could be a good choice for you.


This was my beautiful diary given to me by my good friend Ciara Behan for my 30th birthday (Ciara is a Blogger at TheMakeUpBag, check her out)









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