10 things you HAVE to buy in Morocco

10 thing you have to bring home from Morocco: 

  1. A Tagine (Traditional cooking Dish)IMG_20170325_214421_143.jpg

These are not only ornately beautiful but if you have a gas stove at home they are incredibly good for cooking with. A traditional Moroccan way of cooking is using the Tagine and we ate so many good ones (Thank you Fatah, seen below). You can buy them in local markets for very little, I bought a medium and tiny baby sized one for €3 and that included a tip. I was in Lahinch surfing and the restaurant Randaddy’s does a really good Moroccan Meat Ball Tagine loaded with fresh coriander and served with delicious fresh bread with red onion and cheese, give it a go.


2.Moroccan Lamps, They are so Beautiful and Intricately detailed. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours and are readily available for purchase at the local markets. You need to think about how you would get them home though. Maybe get yourself a shipping container altogether!!!! When I go back I think that is what I will do 🙂

Lamps In Agadir

3. Spices : Saffron (Cheap as chips, you pay nearly €5 for a few sprigs of it in supermarkets in Ireland!!!), Cumin, Coriander…the list is endless… you can even get a Tagine mix that has everything you need for cooking the traditional  delicious dish. Pick yourself up a cookbook or ask the locals for recipes to recreate your favourite dishes when you get home. Loose teas leaves of all flavors are fun to buy too.


4. Slippers (Lovely Leather slippers with beautiful stitching). Not a great picture but below is a pair of slippers that I bought, they are real leather and cost about €5.


5. Leather (Abundant at the Souks, it is very affordable, you can pick up handbags, belts, you name it they have it. Barter, do not be afraid to get yourself a good deal. Below is a picture of blue leather clutch bag that i bought for about €10, I love it.

Leather in Agadir

6. Amlou Al Moumtaz (Peanut Butter)

This is absolutely a must for the peanut butter lovers out there. From the picture below it doesn’t look great but it is so good with Arabic bread, you buy it for half nothing at the local stores and it is made from peanuts, honey and sugar. When you are doing that much yoga you need the energy (that is my excuse for lapping it up anyway)!!!


7. Jewellery

You can just be sitting on the beach and a seller will appear out of no where and show you some of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery you have ever seen. You can bargain so much that you can do really well for yourself. It is available all over from the beach, shops and souks.


8. Argan Oil

So good for your hair, skin and nails. There is a cosmetic version for the latter and a natural version for eating etc.

9. Sarong (Traditional scarf that can be transformed into dresses)

The guys on the market would be more than happy to show you how to wear these. They cost as little as €5 at the local markets.


10. Tiles and Textiles

If you have recently bought a new house or you are about to renovate, Morocco is a treasure trove of all things household. From decorative carvings, cookery dishes, bowls, rugs, lamps…Tiles are everywhere and a few of these cause spruce up a shelving unit or they could be put randomly all over a bathroom floor… The possibilities are endless.


Lucky extra number eleven…… 11. This is not a must but if you have room in your case get a DONKEY!!!! We were sitting at a petrol station having coffee and this little fella was walking on the opposite side of the road, we promptly called him over and I paid the guy who owned him 50c to have a spin. Best 50c I ever spent ❤ I love donkeys!!!!

You would need a check-in bag for sure. Take care at the markets that you don’t get scammed by locals (that you do not know) that try and help you buy things, there is heavy policing to protect tourists against this at the markets.

Again I cannot thank all the guys working at Bessha hoildays for showing us everything and taking us to see everything 🙂 Goats in trees are also very worth seeing 🙂 We caught a glimpse of them on the way to Essouira.

Thank you: Souifan, Sarah, Fatah and Ramzi 🙂

A donkey





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