Operation: Take a Compliment

I had a friend who knew a Spanish girl who said ‘Penney’s’, when someone gave her a drink on a night out because she thought it was how we, the Irish, say ‘Thank You’.

‘I love your dress’…. ‘Thanks, Penney’s!!!’

No, Stop right there! Irish men and women need to learn how to take a compliment. Why is that we need to make excuses when we look good, have lost weight or have achieved something?? We need to learn to be proud of ourselves and just say ‘Thank you’. I am trying to change the tide in the way I myself take a compliment. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to self criticism and compliments. Sometimes you need to take 5, look at yourself and think of all the things that you have achieved.


It doesn’t even need to be anything major, it can be that you bought a house all by yourself, learned to cook a new dish, baked a cake, taught someone something new or you ran a half a kilometer more than you did yesterday. Say ‘Well done me! ‘They say, ‘Self praise, is no praise’, I disagree, be proud of yourself, reflect and tell yourself in a mantra that you are doing OK (without rocking yourself from side to side and looking a bit mad).

Give honest compliments, sometimes telling one person something really simple and honest can make their day, it costs nothing to be pleasant. Life is hard enough as it is, it is nice to be nice.

Bite your tongue and say ‘Cheers!’, the next time someone says something agreeable to you.

Just a thought, rant over.


Thank you for reading this 😉





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