Keeper hill… never too late in the day for a walk…

I would honestly never think to go and climb a mountain late in the evening. Then when it was suggested, I thought why not??? I had been cooped up in work all weekend sitting on my ass and I wanted to get out and stretch my legs…it was ok for me to go here, I have been here before, I knew the route and I had everything I needed with me from a whistle to a torch to my trusted fig rolls 😂

Keeper hill is located just outside Newport, Co. Tipperary and stands 694m high. You will make it up and down in about 3-4 hours. It is a gentle gradient to the base of the mountain through forest on a stoney path. It has a few false peaks 🙈 but eventually you will see the aerial on the top and the trig point. The scenery is breathtaking, you get beautiful views all around. 

So next time you think about going out hiking or walking never think that it is too late in the day, grab your torch and go… You might even catch the sunset. 





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