Fairymojo* Lifestyle Blog

Welcome to the new Fairymojo* lifestyle blog. A personal blog that revolves around everything to do with improving the lifestyle of everyone but ultimately for shift-workers. We know in today’s modern world as demand for products increases globally so does the need for people to work around the clock, so we see the rise in the amount of people working shift. It is a tough routine with 1 in 6 of us now working this pattern. This blog is here  to give people ideas on everything from preparing food, planning activities on your day off to giving tips on how to sleep better through the day and night. Come and have a look, you might find something to help you.

Life is hard enough without added stress. Let’s make life easier for each other 🙂


5 Quick Tips to Happiness:

  • Don’t bitch about people – It is your own insecurity coming across and it is so toxic for you to think that way about other people.
  • Be mindful – Have mindful moments daily whether it be whilst eating toast or scratching your ba-donk-a-donk! Be aware of it.
  • Be Grateful – List all the things you are grateful and thankful for…. the taste of coffee, a chocolate covered mikado, lollipops!
  • Get fresh air on the daily – get out for a walk or just a breathe of fresh air everyday.
  • Watch out for any triggers that upset you, make you anxious or just don’t make you feel good. It could be people, alcohol, drugs, food. Stay away from what doesn’t make you happy.